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  • What is the difference between raw hair & mink hair?
    Mink hair The difference between mink and raw hair is that our mink collection comes from brazilian hair, the hair is super silky, lasts 2 years, can be dyed, styled and curled. Rawhair Our luxurious rawvietnamesehair comes from donor hair and is full to the ends. The hair lasts 3/4 years with good after care, can be dyed, straightened and curled. Russian hair extensions Russian hair is the best hair ! The extensions are available in almost all colors! The hair can be blow-dried, styled, dyed and washed.
  • What is the difference between weave & extensions?
    With the extensions, the weft webs are usually a bit flatter than with the weave bundles. The main difference is that with hair extensions you can mainly work very locally, while when applying hair weaves you can, as it were, rebuild the entire hairstyle. You could compare it to a wig. Your own hair is therefore hidden under the hair weaves. You are not going to visibly replace your own hair with strips of false hair. However, the hair can be completely or partially processed in a weave according to your own wishes.
  • Is weave harmful to my own hair?
    No, weave will not harm your own hair unless you don't have it installed properly and don't take the steps to take the best care of the weave bundles.
  • What is better for my hair, weave, tapes, fill in per lane or wigs?
    That depends on the structure of your own hair. Once I've seen your hair in real life, I can advise you better. On this basis we can offer the best service.
  • Is the hair you are selling real hair?
    100% real hair! The hair can withstand heat, you can dye it, wash it and even reuse it several times.
  • What length extensions do you have?
    We only have the lengths 40/45cm, 50/55cm and 60/65cm.
  • What color extensions do you have?
    We have the standard natural color dark brown (1b), mixed (brown) & perfect (blonde) colors.
  • How many bundles/lanes do I need?
    For a ponytail we recommend 1 bundle. For a half up we recommend 3 bundles for a low half up we recommend 2 bundles. For a leave out we recommend 3 bundles. For padding If you want it fuller, we recommend 1/2 lanes. If you want to have longer hair, select extension 3/4 lanes.
  • Are the extensions always in stock?
    Yes, often. We have many different colors in stock.
  • Can the extensions be dyed and what does that cost?
    We dye the extensions per 100 grams for 1 color €30 and for multiple colors €45 per 100 grams. Attention! We only paint our collections. We don't want to be responsible for other people's hair.
  • Do you also have clip-in lanes and what does it cost?
    Yes, we sell the clips under the name luxury clips -in. Our clips ins come in a set of 7 pieces. Easy to wash, blow dry & style. We place the extensions in whole lanes. The web is attached to the braid with wire. We do not install individual pieces.
  • Can I use silver shampoo for extensions?
    It is possible, but we do not recommend that. If you still want to do this, first test a piece on your own hair and the extensions to prevent color difference.
  • How do I best care for the extensions?
    By using good professional products, combing the hair with an extension brush and preferably washing your hair every 2 weeks. You can also swim, shower and go to the sauna with extensions, but we advise you to take good care of your hair afterwards. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. We also recommend a hair mask for an extra soft effect.
  • How long can I leave the extensions in place?
    We recommend max 8 weeks for a leave out and 4/6 weeks for a filling/extension and max 8 weeks. Then we take out the extensions and put them back in. Hair weave/Extensions & Wigs are non-returnable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable. We do offer the opportunity to experience and feel the hair in the salon before your treatment or appointment. You can find many examples of the hairstyles on my Instagram. We also state under the item what we used for the haircut and under which service you can book this. Is this not mentioned under the photo then the hair doesn't come from us.
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