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At Ohhmyrawhair, you experience confidence and empowerment. Over the years we have grown in knowledge and we are always active in expanding our products and service.

Ohhmyrawhair is a brand where quality comes first. Whether you are looking for luxury extensions, know that you can always count on Ohhmyrawhair.


We have done our best to be able to sell one of the best Raw Vietnamese & Russian hair. When you order from us we wash the bundles before we send it. This way we help our customers with a bit of preliminary work and at the same time we check our quality.

You won't find that very quickly here in the Netherlands

  • No processing chemically in any way.

  • Its soft , silky and thick till the bottom

  • Cut in one direction

  • Minimal to no shedding and tangling

  • Can be bleach and colored in every color you desired 

  • This hair can be used for a lifetime of over 2-4 years with good care

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