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Frontal wig

We have the best frontal wig for you

Frontal wigs are the current rave you can't afford to miss. They are versatile and look very natural. We use a frontal wig to recreate your hairline from ear to ear. This comes in handy when styling your wig, weave and extensions, resulting in a more natural look. Ohh my Raw Hair provides a large variety of high-quality frontal wigs and real hair extensions to anyone who wants to look feisty. We have pieces that blend with your natural skin tone. Our number one priority is helping you feel like your best self by offering you the best level of salon service available in Rotterdam.

Why you need a lace frontal wig

A lace frontal wig is very easy to put on compared to sew-in hair extensions. Any modern woman who wants a protective hairstyle that will have her spend less time getting ready should give lace frontal wigs a try. You're also able to style it however you want. It's one of the greatest perks of a frontal wig, as you can do side parts today, ponytails tomorrow, and middle parts the next day. Perfect if you want to change your hairstyle for an event. The styling freedom is almost like when working with your own hair.

For naturalistas, you won't ruin the integrity of your natural hair. You get the sassy flawless look without coloring your hair, exposing it to heat all the time, or pressing your edges. They are the secret to rocking those sew-in-weaves or wigs with part of your hair left out.

The perfect wig for summer

Also, frontal wigs allow air to constantly flow to your hair and scalp. You're not going to be uncomfortable during hot seasons so you can wear them any time of the year. Frontal wigs will help you take your style a notch higher without making a commitment to a specific hairstyle. To add icing to the cake, we can custom make a frontal wig for you. We create high-quality real hair wigs for your specific style and preference.  

We ensure that your frontal wig is placed correctly so as not to damage your hairline and edges. We have years of experience installing frontal wigs and real hair extensions so you can trust us not to damage your hair, skin or scalp. We are certified and licensed to provide the best hair solution possible with the finest human hair quality. You can also get customized services like coloring, cutting, half up half downs, and braid hair with and all of that without any fake hair.

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